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1 phoenixlegionrift.myfreeforum.org 2888230
2 huddersfieldvampire.myfastforum.org 1569
3 montnuit.myfreeforum.org 1758940
4 deepmarch.myfastforum.org A 5.0 D&D online game for friends.7545
5 escain.myfreeforum.org a Role Playing forum dedicated to chronicling the adventures and misadventures in the land of Escain71399
6 crystaltokyo.myfreeforum.org A RP forum dedicated to the storyline revolving around a long time running rp based on Tokyo, Japan.7651
7 masseffectrp.myfreeforum.org Based on the Award winning, Bestselling series of science fiction RPG. 828
8 rsroleplay.myfastforum.org just about rs34111
9 cocogames.myfreeforum.org role-play for select friends10225
10 paradiseheaven.myfastforum.org This is based off my website paradiseheavenlegend.com but it is a RPG website. If you enjoy Role playing. This is the place to be! Please follow the rules inside. ^_^836893

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